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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beauty vs Ugliness – Is It Love?

Is it true that love is blind and that it makes you act foolish and do irrational things? Love forces you to look deeper inside one person and evokes all the good things in you. Or maybe here love is not the case? It makes one wonder…

After 5,300 years, Oetzi the frozen iceman finally shows his face

He doesn't look half bad for a 5,300-year-old.

Since his discovery in 1991, Oetzi the iceman's true identity has been shrouded in myth and mystery. Just a faceless corpse that has embodied a bygone era of humankind.

But experts have finally worked out what the world's most famous natural mummy actually looked like

Old timer: Until now Oetzi the iceman's true identity has been shrouded in myth and mystery - just a faceless corpse that has embodied a bygone era of humankind

Exhibit: The model is on show at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, Italy, alongside his mummified remains

Must Know Breast Facts

This is the things that every person should know about breasts. It doesn’t matter if you are a men or a women, you just must know this icon biggrin Enjoy

Indecent behavior of couples in the street

The electric Roller: Limo costs just 2p a mile to run but cost 1 million pounds to buy

For the environmentally friendly billionaire who has everything, Rolls-Royce today unveils the world’s most luxurious electric limousine – with batteries included.

The super-green Rolls-Royce Phantom offers zero-emissions motoring for a frugal 2p a mile – compared with 40p a mile for the standard Phantom.

That’s just as long as you can first afford the hefty price-tag – likely to be close to £1million.

Green machine: The Rolls-Royce Phantom will offer zero emissions at a cost of just 2p a mile to run - but comes with a hefty price tag of £1m

Mark Lee Video on Difference Between Ah Bengs and Hooligans

I was saddened to read about the news of what happened to the 19 years old Darren Ng Wei Jie on 31 Oct 2010 Halloween at Downtown East Pasir Ris. The young Republic Polytechnic student was attacked by another group of 5 hooligan teenagers in bright day light.

The incident was allegedly triggered when Darren Ng and his friends got into a “staring” incident with a group of hooligans in the Downtown East MacDonald’s. Eye witnesses said that the group of hooligans had followed Darren Ng and his two friends out of the fast food restaurant and set upon them at the grass patch outside. Unfortunately, the verbal fight soon turned to become physical. The hooligans were heard to have shouted some possibly secret society-related slogans after the knives fight and ran off. Darren Ng passed on 5 hours later in Changi Hospital.

Some online netizens have called those attackers Ah Beng. But I disagree. As explained by Mark Lee in the below Omy video, there is a distinct difference between Hooligans and Ah Bengs. According to his definition, Hooligans are the ones who will hang out at coffee shops when they are free and get into trouble, while the Ah Bengs only hang out at coffee shops and watch the trouble brewing.

Dim Sum Dollies “Love Your Ride” Music Video MTV Jingle

A little bit about the Dollies:

The trio began in 2002 with a gig at the Esplanade called A Single Woman. 2003 saw them perform to a sold-out crowd in the immensely well-received Steaming!, which was followed by Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies in 2004, Dim Sum Dollies: Singapore’s Most Wanted in 2005, and Dim Sum Dollies: The History of Singapore! in 2007. In 2006, they lent their names to Glen Goei’s adaptation of the off-Broadway musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors performed at Victoria Theatre.

According to local director Ivan Heng,the name ‘Dim Sum Dollies’ was chosen because dim sum “came in threes, each morsel painstakingly prepared to please eye and palate”. This description describes the trio’s presentation style on stage, which combines visually-spectacular sets and costumes with an original take on all things Singaporean.

Google goes off-road: Now it straps Street View cameras to TRICYCLES to look around parks and footpaths

Google is extending its Street View website with photographs of off-road destinations that have previously not appeared online - by using specially-adapted tricycles.

Since its launch in 2007, the controversial site has allowed viewers to see images of individual homes, shops, offices and pubs taken by a fleet of cars.

But now the service will let users go beyond public streets and along footpaths and into parks, historical landmarks and gardens.

Google is extending its Street View website with photographs of off-road destinations using specially-adapted tricycles. Here, Google's Daniel Ratner rides his three-wheeled creation

Nintendo 3DS is hacked less than 24 hours after Japanese launch

Thousands of Japanese gamers queued for hours to be among the first to own Nintendo's breakthrough 3D hand-held console.

But just hours after the console went on saleon Saturday hackers had already found a way to stretch the capabilities of the machine.

A YouTube video posted by the R4i group showed hackers who have managed to get the 3DS to run older, pirated DS games using a third-party flash memory cartridge.

Satisfied: Toyohisa Ishihara was the first person to purchase Nintendo's revolutionary new hand-held console
Revolution: Japanese gamers queued for hours to be the first to get their hands on the new Nintendo 3DS, which was hacked within a day of its release

Shops could run out of PlayStation 3s after thousands are seized by customs over patent row

Customs officials have been ordered to seize all British PlayStation 3 shipments following a row over the use of Blu-Ray technology within the consoles.

Electronic giants Sony and LG are locked in battle over patents forcing officials to confiscate thousands of machines in Holland.

The ban on imports is currently set to last ten days, but could be extended if Sony does not overturn a court injunction won by LG at a civil court in The Hague.

The Japanese company is currently appealing the decision to the European Patent Office - but LG can also apply to extend the ban.

Seized: Custom officials are stopping PlayStation 3 consoles from entering the country after LG won an injunction regarding patents
Row: LG has accused Sony of using its Blu-ray playback technology in its PlayStation 3 console

Thousands of home computers infiltrated after hackers infect high-profile websites with booby-trapped ads

* The London Stock Exchange, Autotrader and Vue were among those affected

Tens of thousands of people are feared to have had their computers infected by booby-trapped adverts on websites including the London Stock Exchange as the full extent of a cyber-attack which began on Sunday becomes apparent.

The scam, which also involved ads on Autotrader, Vue and six other websites, began on Sunday after cyber-criminals hacked into an ad firm's IT system.

Malicious adverts were then released which caused fake virus warnings to pop-up on computers belonging to those surfing the affected sites.

The full extent of the cyber-attack, which began on Sunday, has only come to light today
Bogus warnings: The malicious adverts caused fake security warnings to appear on the screens of people surfing the affected websites. They were then asked for payment to remove them

Future New Noah Ark Floating city that could make weather devastation a thing of the past

It looks like something from a sci-fi film, but this bizarre floating metropolis may be the solution for cities devastated by extreme weather.

The incredible structure measures a staggering 1,200ft high, covers 30 million square feet and is designed to house up to 40,000 residents.

It comes with everything you would expect to find in a normal city - from hotels to shops, casinos and schools.

The Space Age design is even equipped with gardens, special express elevators for 'vertical commuting' and moving walkways for pedestrians.

The bizarre plans were inspired by the devastation caused when the American city of New Orleans was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Origins: The space age city was inspired by the devastation caused when New Orleans was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005
A group of designers has put together a proposal for a new floating city to sit on the bank of the Mississippi to help prevent a similar tragedy
Called the New Orleans Arcology Habitat - or NOAH -tThe sturdy triangular creation reduces the effects of extreme weather by allowing it to blow through the middle

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bionic man: Soldier who lost arm in grenade attack becomes first Brit to use pioneering prosthetic technology

* Corporal uses pectoral and back muscles to work new arm

A soldier who lost his right arm in a grenade attack has been fitted with a bionic limb - and he is getting to grips with it fast.

Corporal Andrew Garthwaite, believed to be the first of the British military amputees to be fitted with the pioneering prosthetic, lost the limb in September in a rocket-propelled grenade attack while serving in Afghanistan.

The attack killed another soldier but Garthwaite, 23, of the Queen's Royal Lancers, was lucky by comparison.

 Slow and steady: The soldier is getting to grips with the pioneering limb. 'It's great,' says Garthwaite
 Careful: Garthwaite is so adept with his new arm, which he controls by flexing his back and pectoral muscles, that he can pour water into a cup without spilling any.Pioneering: Corporal Andrew Garthwaite lost his right arm after a grenade attack in September while he was serving in Afghanistan

Video Preparation for Bikini Scene

15 Funny Homer Simpon Motivational Posters

I simply love the Simpsons! And you will love these 15 motivational posters by non other than Homer Simpson himself! Funny :D

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